Trends of Bedroom Design and Decor

HomeDevco ~ Home Decor Inspirations and Ideas – Bedroom design trends are dynamic. What you saw last year doesn’t necessarily show up again this year. Some bedroom trends are immortal, in the sense that the trends never die even though new trends keep popping up. Have we forgotten the classic or country style? We don’t think so. Both styles remain popular although times have changed. You may be wondering what latest bedroom trends that are popular among people today. This is the modern era, and the modern design is getting more popular. When we think of the traditional design, then dark colors and elegant design will come to our mind. But the latest bedroom trends today don’t say so. People now really like the open space ideas, like open kitchens or the Japanese style.

The Key Element

Small Master Bedrooms

These trends focus on how we make a narrow room appear larger and how we utilize minimal space. Master bedrooms are a representation of the latest 2016 bedroom trends. You would love to have a master bedroom, but you will also be confused to decorate it. Having a master bedroom means you can do many things inside. It’s like moving the living room into the bedroom.

Bedroom With Cathedral Ceiling

Another new element in the new bedroom trends is cathedral ceilings. This will also make the bedroom appear larger than it should be. We must praise anybody who popularized such a design because it really helps to make the bedroom much warmer and relaxing.

Bedroom Design With Bathroom Inside

The latest bedroom trends are all about making the bedroom efficient. Now people prefer to build a bathroom in the bedroom. This is actually not something new, but it’s getting so expansive these days. Organizing bathroom this way makes it like a hotel. You know it, right? Waking up in the morning, you don’t need to go downstairs to take a bath as you can do it right in the bedroom. But we don’t recommend this for small houses.

Bedroom With Bathroom And Home Office Inside


“One stop” bedroom, we think this is the right term to describe the latest bedroom trends. In the traditional design, a home consists of many parts. And in the modern design, a bedroom consists of many parts. Hope you can see difference. There is nothing wrong with entering a bathroom, a home office, and a sitting area into a single bedroom. You can even put a fireplace and other unusual stuff in the bedroom as long as you know how to organize them well.

Colors in The Latest Bedroom Trends

Grey Bedroom With White Furniture

The latest bedroom trends also give emphasis on comfort. You would feel tired after coming home from work. All you need to do is sit on the sofa, drink hot chocolate, read favorite books, and see the soothing bedroom decor. In relation to this, people try their best to make their bedrooms look comfortable. Colors are inseparable in this matter because you can create different sensations just by changing colors. Grays find their momentum this year. More and more people use all shades of gray to decorate their bedrooms.

Purple And Pink Bedroom Wall Color With Beautiful Designs

Purple and soft pink are also getting exposure this year for their warm and romantic look.

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That’s all information about the latest bedroom trends. You can use them to decorate your bedroom.

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