Pink Bedroom Decorating Ideas to Boost Your Mood

HomeDevco ~ Home Decor Inspirations and Ideas – Pink themed bedroom is perfect not only for valentine’s day but also for your daily mood booster and it’s not only for children. Some ideas below will dare you to decorate your bedroom in pink color.

Pink Carpet for Boring Gray and Dark Bedroom

Pink Carpet for Pink Bedroom Design Combine with Dark Gray Wall

When you are required to work at home, your overall atmosphere shall influence your mood. Place a thin, long, narrow, pink carpet in the middle, pink couch at one side and 1 x 2-meter wallpaper just to make a vibrant ambiance boost your mood and you’re set to work in a fun way!

Peach Pink for a Stylish and Elegant Bedroom

Elegant and Stylish Peach Pink Bedroom Decor Ideas

The calming color is never come out in a better way, peach pink is just right for a bedroom. It is calming, stylish and fun.

Pink Beam for a Luxurious Scheme

Luxurious Pink Bedroom Design with Neon Beam

You don’t have to buy pink colored fixtures to have pink bedroom design. By setting some pink lamp beneath the panels, voila! Pink beam will light up your mood. Setting big panel tiles under the bed is clever too!

Lovey Dovey for Childhood Bedroom

Big White Bedroom Cabinet in Pink Bedroom Design with Pink Bed and Love Sticker

Mature wallpaper will not let your children down, you still able to make it fit for your girly kids by putting heart stickers here and there. A fun curvy bed also works for kids. Don’t forget Barbie posters against the wall and 3 pieces of small heart furry rugs on the floor.

Teenage Pink Touch for Vibrant Teenagers

Teen Bedroom Decor with Pink Canopy Bed and Pink Wall

Look at the beautiful bedroom. Paint the wall in pink, and set a pink bed with a pink buffet at the corner, they are just fit each other. You don’t need big heart stickers in a teenage bedroom, you need a kind of sweet plastic butterflies to cheer your room up, a cube frame for bed is also cute!

Stripped Pink and White Ideas

Stripped Pink and White Bedroom Decoration Cozy Design

Pink and white in stripped combination are just perfect.

Pink Furry Bedding

Pink Bedroom Curtains and Fur Bedding in Pink Color to Create Pink Bedroom Decoration

Soft furry pinkish bed covers for your relaxing yet stylish sleep. The drapes also give great influence to the room.

Colorful Wavy Stripes for No Boring Bedroom

Pink Bedroom Furnitures with Colorful Wavy Stripes for Pink Bedroom Scheme Ideas

Creative, that’s creative! The pink color fixtures would be so dull without the colorful wavy stripes attached to one side of walls. The room design is just perfect for a young adult girl.

Deer Fantasy Pinkish Bedroom

Deer Fantasy Bedroom Decorating Ideas in Pink Scheme

Ever thinking to be the queen in your own bedroom? With fun deer statue, colorful fun stools, and heart queen-like bed, and pink fabric swaying over the bed, and don’t forget the glittery table side at the corner of the room, all of them will bring you into a sweet fantasy dream.

Pink Bubble Idea

Pink Bedroom Decor with Bubbles Idea

Simple furniture will not let your children down. Paint the wall in pink and get the color dominate the emptiness. Add some pink bubbles to have the room more fun.

Pink in Moroccan Style

Pink Bedroom Combine with Black and White in Moroccan Style

The pillows and swaying drape is just perfect for your moroccan bedroom, add pink paint to the wall and you’ll have a more girly morocco styled bedroom.

Pink Color Combine with Gray Pattern Wall

Pink Color Combine with Gray Pattern Wall in Elegant Bedroom

Old, dull room with its boring colored furniture will be so much fun when you have the wall painted in pink! Add an orchid painting to the wall, and voila! Your room will change dramatically. Also, put a pink furry rug on the floor under the bed to fill the room space.

Wall in Pink as Background

Pink Bedroom Idea with Wall in Pink as Background

Once again, the pink painted wall gives so much influence to the room. It changes the room’s ambiance. Pink patterned curtains also match the wall.

Pink Disco Theme for Playful Girl’s Bedroom

Beautiful Pink Disco Theme for Playful Girl’s Bedroom in Pink Scheme Bedroom Creation

If you think that plain pink is boring, you can add some white dot disco shimmers. It’s fun, creative and inspiring!


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