Colorful Ideas to Make Unique Bedroom Designs

HomeDevco ~ Home Decor Inspirations and Ideas – When talking about bedroom designs, there are a lot that we can choose. Each Country has its own uniqueness. When we compare the style from country to another, you will feel there are a lot of differences. In a more specific scope, each ethnic group could also have a specific design. This time we will discuss bedroom designs more generally. We will not take certain designs for discussion.

Our topic today is how to play with color to create bedroom design with unique concept. Color is an important element in any bedroom design. The oriental style uses red excessively, while the traditional style use dark colors, as well as other styles. A unique feature of this design is blue and brown that is combined to create an attractive appearance. You can use these colors for wallpaper or trellis.

Colors in Unique Bedroom Design

Brown Wall With Blue Bedding Decoration For Unique Bedrooms

Brown and blue are also widely used for the oriental style, but not as much as red. This color will look shiny when you use silk fabrics. To create unique bedroom designs, you need to be expressive with color. You don’t need to follow trends to determine the color. Sure, every year several colors gain more attention than the others. However this doesn’t necessarily encourage you to decorate your bedroom with colors that are trending currently. What is with following trends when you can decorate your bedroom with any color you like? Watery hues are also essential in the oriental style, along with earth tones. All of these colors will create a soothing atmosphere in the bedroom. As we’ve explained, different colors will show different personalities to your bedroom.

Unique Ideas For Bedroom Decorating

The average paint for bedroom have a unique color composition. Blue is relaxing when it is combined with white, but it will feel energetic when you add red around. This proves that color can create a different impression of the bedroom. Being expressive with colors is also determined by what items you put the colors on. If you want a natural feel in the bedroom, water fountains will help to achieve this goal. You can display a painting showing fountains or bring the real one into the bedroom. If possible, you can also include rock gardens. They have earth tones so perfect to beautify your bedroom.

If you want joy to come into the bedroom, you can use bright colors painted on murals. Some small bedroom designs use a mixture of dark and light colors to create balance. You don’t have to be too conventional to select colors because the modern style is more expressive regarding colors. Many accessories can be put in the bedroom. To add charm and elegance, a chandelier is not exaggerated at all. Chandeliers are generally yellow color, and it makes the whole room feel warmer.

Unique Bedroom Ideas With Beautiful Wall And Lantern Lighting

Another extraordinary addition is lanterns. They may not be the most unique accessories for the bedroom. But still, people rarely use this kind of accessories unless the concept taken is the oriental style. Lanterns allow us to be more creative in choosing colors because they are made of paper. You only need to prepare ink to color the paper. However, you have to be careful because they use fire that could be dangerous if you are not careful.

Unique Bedroom Design and Themes

Purple Bedroom With Unique Wall Design

In painting bedroom, purple color symbolize grandeur and romance. They are easy to apply and suitable for any furniture. If you remember, there are some parts of a room that need to be decorated. Let’s divide it into three sections, which are the furniture, the walls, and the floors. You can decorate one, two, or all of these sections. More decors mean more budget should be spent. If you go with the furniture only, you should choose safe colors. Don’t paint the furniture with intricate patterns because it won’t look good for the entire room. The same goes for the other sections. The best choice is probably decorating all the sections together.

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