Transforming Attic into Cozy Bathroom? Yes, You Can!

HomeDevco ~ Home Decor Inspirations and Ideas – Ever thinking about having one more bathroom to indulge yourself at? The attic is actually a good place that does not consume space in your bedroom. Efficient use of your attic, why not! Creating bathroom and adjusted with the shape of the roof may create some unordinary, creative and stylish bathroom. The main secret is to put your bathtub, shower cabin or storage under the lowest part of the roof. Take a look some pics below to transform your attic into a gorgeous style of bathroom.

Use Bright Color

White Attic Bathroom Ideas Combine with Gray Wall and Beautiful Flooring Modern Design

Use white paint to have bright eve to give a cheerful aura to the atmosphere. Combine it with stone-like wall to create an environmental friendly-like bathroom. The blurred window will give you some privacy while allowing the sunshine to come through.  To have more modern impression while limiting the space use, choose minimalist rectangular-shaped bathtub and a perfect 90 degrees angle of water faucet to accompany it. Simple patterned tiles will please your eyes rather than have it plain.

Use Calm Color Bathroom Wallpaper

Modern Bathroom Design for Attic with Gray White and Brown Wallpaper also Using Elegant Bathtub

Try putting wallpaper in your attic is a clever idea too. Avoid big picture on it, put small pattern instead with calming color. Wooden frame for your bathtub is also helpful to make it less rigid. Don’t use too many colors in the bathroom as it will make the attic look constricted. Grey, white and brown is an example of a perfect combination.

Instal Glass Windows on Tilt Wall

Simple Attic Bathroom Decorating Ideas with Minimalist Concept and Glass Windows

Hello, sunshine. If you’re afraid of being peeped during your bath time, don’t worry, because no one is looking at you from the sky high. If you still worried, you can have the window blurred. Use minimalist fixtures to spare some space in your tiny attic. Thin bathroom sink, towel hanger directly nailed to the wall, and white tone color dominate the room, those things will make it look more spacious. The marble-like floor will give you the impression as if it’s a normal bathroom that we usually find instead of an attic with a bathtub.

Wooden Pattern on Glossy Wall

Small Modern Bathroom Ideas in Attic Area with Glossy Wooden Pattern Wallpaper and Round White Bathtub also Luxury Chandelier

Bath taking in a bathroom like this is like being in a painting or soap commercial. The idea is to bring wooden pattern on the glossy wall in some part of the room, not the whole of it, installing a small sized chandelier and setting a half globe of the bathtub in the center. Please make sure your attic can support the weight of the tub and when filled with Please find a span table online to calculate this.

Spa Liked Design Ideas

Attic Bathroom Spa-Liked Design with Wooden Vanity Table and Dark Gray Flooring and Modern Bathtub

A spa-like sanctuary in your house is a good reason for you to have one more bathroom. Replenish your energy after a hectic day at work in a perfect escape spot in your house. Combine wooden panel, wooden table, plants and don’t forget to make windows at the roof for air circulation and natural lighting.

Fitted Bathtub for Small Attic Bathroom

Yellow Brick Bathroom Wall with Fitted Bathtub for Small Bathroom Design Simple Style

A well-fitted bathtub also works in a tiny attic. Yellow bricks-like tiles are good for the wall. Again, windows for air circulation and natural lighting are important to give a warm Don’t use many color tones to avoid narrow space impression.

Walk-In Closet Inside

Attic Bathroom Design with Walk in Closet Ideas

A bathroom, walk-in closet and vanity spot in one place. Inspiring!

Dark Gray Color Bathroom Idea

Dark Gray Bathroom Design for Attic with Stainless Towel Hanger and Bright Glass Windows

Masculine look for real man’s bathroom. Bathroom attic is not an excuse to exclude style. Clean stony, hard black tiles with the silver bull as a signature can give you a feel of a sexy man. Combine elements such as metal, stone and white ceramic to give macho ambiance to the bathroom.

London Classy Bathroom Inspirations

London Inspired White Bathroom Decor Ideas for Clean and Fresh Ambiance

Inspired by London-classy bathroom, dominated by white tone color give a clean and fresh ambiance.

Large Glass Window Ceiling

Glass Windows Ceiling in Modern Attic Bathroom Design using White Bathtub with Legs and Chevron Motiff on Bathroom Flooring

If you have a very narrow roof, place a very simple bathtub, use a partition wall to separate toilet. large glass windows will make You don’t have to be too creative here as you don’t want to make the bathroom look more constrained.

Simple and Efficient Design

Simple Elegant Attic Bathroom with Shower Only Idea and Pastel Color

Shower cabin, toilet, and sink. That’s all we need. Very simple and efficient. Don’t forget the very thin towel hanger nailed to the wall to spare the space.

Instal Wonder Woman Wallpaper for Your Kids

Attic Bathroom for Kids with Wonder Woman Wallpaper Idea

Notwithstanding the rule of having small pattern instead of the big picture painted on the roof, favorite cartoon image will bring fun for kids. Many kids avoid attic as they believe it contains creepy things, and change the attic into the bathroom will give the image that it’s a scary place to take a bath at, but not with this one.

Bee Hives-Like Design

Unique Bathroom Design for Attic with Bee Hive Liked Bathroom Wall also Glass Door and Simple Small Stool

Who says that a tiny attic cannot be attractive? Bee hives-like tiles and through looking glass as bath cabin’s door makes the bath corner seems cozy.

Ideas for Couple

Attic Bathroom Decorations with Black and White Dot Pattern Flooring also Double Round Mirrors

The attic bathroom is also for a couple that shares a bathroom together. Very efficient.

Colorful Tones for Large Bathroom Space

Colorful Bathroom Ideas for Attic with Dark Blue, Sky Blue and Soft Brown Colors

Lucky you if you have such a large attic. For big attic, a bathroom with colorful color tones can be built there. When you have no worries with space, all you want is more cheers and be creative with colors. Have fun.







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