12 Wooden Ceiling Design Ideas to Complete Home Decorations

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HomeDevco.com – It’s always a good idea to cope with the design of the ceiling if you want to do something with the design of the room. Just by doing it, you can see how the atmosphere of the room will change directly and drastically. Here are some ideas of wooden ceiling design you may want to try.

Stairs Looks Like Ceiling Design

Unique Wooden Ceiling with Stairs Looked Like Design also Great Lighting

Made in rather stairs-like design, the ceiling looks so perfect and fantastic. Painted in rather dark color makes the ceiling even more visible and easy to spot on when you’re in the room.

Natural and Minimalist Wooden Ceiling Design

Minimalist Wooden Ceiling Design Natural Colour

Lining the wooden pieces into one and turn them into ceiling is a great option to do. The design proves how simplicity can still make you experience awe with the natural and minimalistic design of the ceiling.

Ceiling Idea with Zig-zag Design

Wooden Living Room Ceiling with Zigzag Design Idea

Entering the room with such Zigzag wooden ceiling will soothe you in an instant. It’s hard to find the competition for this kind of ceiling design when it comes to the uniqueness.

Luxurious Ceiling Design with Layered Concept

Modern Design of Wooden Ceiling with Layered Concept and Dark Color Giving Luxurious Sense

Layered design is proven to be a great idea to do something with rather normal looking wooden ceiling. By stacking it one over the other, luxurious ambience is coming out.

Ceiling with Open Concept in Center

Open Concept in Middle Part of Ceiling with Distinctive Design Made from Wood

Leaving quite open area in the middle of the wooden ceiling is also a nice thing to do. It will provide more natural lighting to the room and at the same time, the design of the ceiling look even more distinctive.

Dark Color Wooden Ceiling with Simple Design

Dark Wooden Ceiling Design in Line Ideas use Contemporary and Modern Concept

Dark wooden ceiling done in lined design never fails to amaze us. Combine it with such nice and simple lighting and the result should be more than enough. Don’t use too much lighting because it will clash and cover the greatness of the ceiling.

Circular Shaped Wooden Ceiling Idea

Circular Shape Wooden Ceiling Design with Luxurious Chandelier in the Center Part

Shaped in something similar to ship steering wheel, this kind of wooden ceiling idea is absolutely stunning. Each of the area created inside the ring is filled with nice and minimalist lighting. And in the middle, there’s the fantastic chandelier as the center of attention.

Low Ceiling Design and Idea

Unique Low Wooden Ceiling Modern and Simple Design

Using unique wooden ceiling idea is so perfect for the room with low ceiling. It gives accent to the whole room. And boost the theme by applying the same design of the ceiling on the floor and on the wall.

Octagonal Shape Design Ceiling

Wooden Ceiling Design with Octagonal Concept Idea and Using Traditional Chandelier

Complicated ceiling design like this is perfect if you want to have a really all-out luxurious room design. Octagonal design in the center of the ceiling really says it a lot about how this design is worth your attention.

Simple yet Effective Ceiling Design

Contemporary Wooden Ceiling Ideas with Unique Shape

This design is the proof that you don’t need to alter all area of your ceiling if you want to improve it. Leave the old ceiling as it is and add some snake-y wooden design as the accent. Give some lighting done in proper way to improve the stunning look.

Small Ceiling to Complete Design of Modernity

Small Wooden Ceiling in The Center Using Many Light

It’s easy to think that the lamp is what makes the ceiling area stunning. But the wooden accent in the center of the room is actually the key. It gives more natural look in the middle of modernity.

Classic Design Ideas of Ceiling

Wooden Ceiling Ideas with Classic Design

Classic design of the wooden ceiling never disappoints the owner. It will cost you a lot of money to have it because the ceiling area is all made in accented design. But, it’s going to be worth it.

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