12 Turquoise Bathroom Theme Designs and Ideas

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HomeDevco.com – When it comes to the great and proper design of the bathroom, turquoise bathroom is among the highly recommended options. Just with a glance of the color being used, you know it’s going to be so perfect.

Use Nice Hanging Pictures

Turquoise Bathroom Theme with Hanging Pictures and Unique Bathroom Lamp
See how turquoise theme for bathroom is really perfect? The addition of some pics hanged on the wall makes it even better. For some accent, the use of unique bathroom lamp is actually genius.

Turquoise on Small Part of Bathrooms

Turquoise Accent on Lower Part Bathroom Sink and Bathroom Mirror Frame in White Wall Bathroom
Using turquoise accent on the lower parts of the sink, on the frame of the bathroom window, on towel hanger and on kids stairs is actually enough to make the them improve the awesomeness of the bathroom.

Turquoise Colour  on Wall and Flooring

Bathroom Decorating Ideas with Turquoise Wall and Bathroom Flooring
Going all out with turquoise theme is always nice by putting the color as the part of the wall and the flooring. Count on the turquoise tiles for such purpose and the result should be mind blowing.

Calm Turquoise Design for Bathroom

Big Windows on Calm Pale Turquoise Bathroom Wall with Many Storage of Drawers Under Bathroom Sink

Pale turquoise brings calm ambience to the bathroom. The use of rather big mirrors carries quite sophisticated design. And to give some kind of contrast, putting yellow flowers there is fantastic. The availability of great storage spaces under the sink will guarantee greater comfort.

Modern-Classic Theme Bathroom

Unique Chandelier Above Bathroom Mirror on Turquoise Theme of Bathroom Using Classic White Bathroom Cabinet

Unique chandelier hung over the bathroom mirror really is distinctive and can make the whole turquoise theme even boosted. The picture next to the toilet is also a nice choice. Added with classic-looking sink and bathroom cabinets, things can’t be more perfect.

Aquatic Atmosphere Ideas

Modern Bathroom Sink and Lighting on Turquoise Bathroom Wall also White Flooring with Turquoise Accent in Center

Aquatic atmosphere really is emphasized with the great turquoise tiles placed on the wall. The flooring also has some turquoise touch. Combine such ambience with modern-looking mirror and sink as well as nice lamp and the bathroom goes up to the whole new level.

Use Unique Bathroom Accessories in Bathroom

Unique Glass Sink Turquoise and Modern Cabinet in Small Bathroom

Unique glass turquoise sink really captures the attention. The existence of turquoise cabinet is also perfect along with the nice abstract painting there. For the shower area, it’s really brilliant to use turquoise small tiles on the wall there.

Artistic and Luxurious Turquoise Bathroom Design

Luxurious and Classic Bathroom with Turquoise Theme Using Gold Vintage Mirror Frame and Artistic Lighting

Classic turquoise really is emitted properly by adding rather pale turquoise color on the wall. Using unique lamp is also fantastic because it will make the artistic design of the mirror frame even more appealing. Don’t forget the plants as well.

Clean and Simple Turquoise Bathroom

Simple Turquoise Bathroom Design and Ideas

This design is the proof that you don’t need to go all out if you want to give some turquoise touch to the bathroom. Designing the shower area wall with turquoise tiles can do the trick just fine.

Dream Bathroom with Turquoise Theme

Turquoise Bathroom Ideas with Large and Big Bathroom Window

The design is surely all about turquoise. The wall paint, the accent, and even the bathtub are using turquoise color. What’s even more awesome is the existence of little statue next to the sink, nice painting above towel hanger, some plants, and nice-looking windows. Don’t forget about the big mirror as well.

White and Turquoise Bathroom Using Corner Bathtub

The combination of turquoise and white color on the wall has been able to create turquoise theme for the bathroom. If you pay attention, the sink is actually really ordinary but with the touch of turquoise small tiles, the appearance become even greater. And the placement of corner bathtub is just perfect.

Cool Bathroom Design with Turquoise Wall

Turquoise small tiles seem to be the trend and it’s only normal because the design proves so. By using small tiles in turquoise color on the wall, the theme of the bathroom is altered perfectly.

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